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Richard Jamison




Richard Jamison is a concept artist and illustrator based in the South-West of the UK who has provided concept designs and book covers for individuals and companies including


His artwork is given value not only by the original style in which he creates his artwork but also by the highly imaginative designs and the worlds that are portrayed in them. Often times the artwork he produces includes a strange sense of depth and story which can intrigue and pull the viewer into the image, seeing details that were not initially apparent.


His design skills are not only limited to the two dimensional canvas, he is well versed in 3d modelling, design and game engine manipulation from his education in the development of games. One of his projects was even nominated for an award under the games and interactive media category 2009 at Ffresh: The Student Moving Image Festival Of Wales. Link


In his spare time Richard is an avid gamer and puzzle collector.


Now, Richard is a professional illustrator and concept designer offering his skills to clients from all walks of life, whether they be individuals with their own personal projects or big companies that need to outsource.





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